New Lakota Dictionary - Mobile

New Lakota Dictionary - Mobile

By Lakota Language Consortium

  • Category: Reference
  • Release Date: 2015-03-06
  • Current IOS App Version: 2.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 180.36 MB
  • IOS App Developer: Lakota Language Consortium
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 3.5
From 19 IOS App Ratings


The New Lakota Dictionary (NLD) Mobile App is the best way to look up Lakota words, hear pronunciation, and view thousands of example sentences while on the go. It’s the ultimate electronic Lakota learning and reference tool. • 27,000 entries • 53,000 sentences • Male and female voices for audio • Consistent phonemic spelling – Standard Lakota Orthography • Superior cross-referencing capabilities • Faster and more responsive than online versions • Works offline, without active data connection • Built-In lemmatizer searches for conjugated verbs and word forms • Over 400 native speakers involved in its development and review • Regularly updated • Accurate and reliable • Fun to use and explore • An excellent self-study investment The lemmatizer is one of the biggest advantages of the app when compared to the printed version of the NLD. Lakota is a highly agglutinating language. Affixes are added to words all the time, so unless you know the stem of the word with affixes, you won’t be able to find it in the dictionary. The app does that for you. If you type in e.g. waŋwíčhablake the app will show you the entry waŋyáŋkA.



  • Needs better navigation

    By Sk507
    When I’m in an entry and I click on another word it would be nice to be able to swipe or use the arrow back to go back to where I navigated from to go between pages rather than swiping and it goes to the next alphabetical entry. I know it’s a dictionary but it would be nice to have some text about letter sounds and piecing together sentences correctly since it’s different from the English order. That’s where I have a problem with the example sentences clicking on a word to see what it is and then not being able to nav back to where I was without re-searching the page I was at
  • Needs improvement, a lot of improvement

    By Wvnt
    The application is confusing to understand.
  • NLD V2 update

    By LakotaStudent
    This is a review for New Lakota Dictionary, particularly after the very recent V2 update. A previous update was attempted by the LLC in April of this year, and unfortunately issues with that revision caused some major headaches and may have shaded the dictionary reputation slightly. I’m happy to report that it appears whatever coding errors that took place have been rectified with V2. The dictionary now works absolutely fantastic. Many new words and phrases have been added, along with their recordings, so what is unique about thus dictionary, the ability to hear the words spoken by male and female voices remains a huge benefit. There is really no other Lakota dictionary to compare it to. I sincerely do not know how folks learn this beautiful language without this dictionary; it is indispensable. Some fixes: I don’t notice the delay when typing words beginning with “F” or “u” anymore- an issue that plagued V1. The favorites button DOES work, and a great pre-copy function in the search has been added. This allows you to copy a word from the search bar into another phone function- say, an email or a text. To me this is subtle encouragement. The dictionary is designed for you to USE the language - in texts, emails, and other written modalities, along with being spoken. Writing strengthens reading, reading strengthens speaking. The “review” function (small down arrow located on the right in the search bar) allows you to bring up words you have previously searched, something I personally lobbied for, as this function did not work on my phone in V1, although it did for most others. This function is awesome and I’m grateful for the fix. Another issue with the previous version was the inability to search for words that included a glottal stop (indicated by an apostrophe “ ‘ “ in the SLO. This has been fixed as well! There has to be something to complain about- the only thing that is seemingly bothersome is that there are still words appearing in the entries and full text example sentences that you cannot click on and look up. You can still type them in the search of course, but many words can be looked up straight from the entry. There are still many that can not. Also, idiomatic phrases are super important, but phrases that appear in a list cannot be clicked on to look up, except as individual words. It would be great in the next update to be able to click on the whole phrase to be taken to the entry. I use this dictionary day in and day out. As a serious Lakȟótiyapi student, I find it irreplaceable. It’s an amazing resource and I’m grateful for the work that went into its creation, from the fluent speakers who provided many of the example sentences, to Uŋčí Ella Deloria for her text corpus, that makes up many other example sentences, to Lekší Ben Black Bear, Leksí Kevin Locke, Haŋkáši Iris Eagle Chasing- all of whom (and others as well!) grace us with their voices in the app, and of course all those at the LLC that put the tech work in to make it happen- an incomparable undertaking. Looking forward to investigating the app even more! Michael Rossi Phoenix. Arizona
  • Deleting soon

    By Marilyn Fox
    App is very frustrating to use. Needs to be updated. I’d rather take the time to search on kiwichoiye than refer to the dictionary for the newly added words. The app won’t allow me to view the word I’m searching for and instead leads me to a different word. I cannot tap on any of the datives for further conjugation and the words with male and female pronunciation say entirely different words. Disappointed in the neglect of some simple app structure/development.
  • Super handy

    By Lakota language learner
    It's great to have this mobile dictionary! Quickest and easiest way to look up new or confusing words. Lost a star because navigation is not great easy to lose your place and have to re search the word.
  • Help

    By Hawks Fan
    Nice resource but the favorites button does not work so I am unable to save anything. Also it is not easy to search and come back to where you were? Some examples just return an error message without explanation? Not user friendly at all.
  • App won't load content

    By TB3625
    After downloading the app, it will open, but no content loads. Unable to find a way to contact the developer. Hope this is resolved soon.