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Lezhin Comics-Premium Webtoons

By Lezhin Entertainment

  • Category: Book
  • Release Date: 2013-08-17
  • Current IOS App Version: 3.0.2
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 130.34 MB
  • IOS App Developer: Lezhin Entertainment
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
Score: 2.5
From 1,367 IOS App Ratings


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  • Disappointed

    By saltycrips
    So i was showman this Manhwa by a close friend of mine, so after rushing and signing in I’ve noticed that there’s a variety of different comics that seemed and well most likely are scams. Like what is this? Also, i know that you got to repay all of your artists for their beautiful and exquisite quality, but its feels unnecessary. Webtoon artists get paid and all their chapters are free while here we have to pay around $20 just to move on with our story.
  • help

    By hailey makara
    i bought coins on the app but i had to go on the site to read killing stalking because it’s not on the app and the coins i bought on the app aren’t showing up
  • Get it together

    By Heeelll
    Despite the fact that some of my favorite Manhwa comics were made for LezhinComics platform I can’t get myself to use the app. The coin events are scams and don’t properly work, the wait until free is also kind of a lie. I have read several WUF comics until it suddenly dropped me and asked for coins, which I understand from creator point of view. But I also largely questione(knowing Lezhins reputation) that the creators get those coins. Also, that makes the claim of WUF a straight up lie. Recently they have awarded bunch of free coins and then literally few days later they were gone. Like 10 coins just vanished from my account. I think it’s ok to pay money for comics, but you shouldn’t lie about any of that stuff! Just make the platform completely paid and make the comics affordable. For prices I would buy them in the store or something. And if you are a creator I am sorry and you should find a different platform.
  • Beautiful Comics but too Expensive

    By hhhhhhhhhhhhhoooodssjj
    The comics are all really amazing but it’s too expensive to consistently read even one of them. There should be a cheaper coin option, because the smallest pack is at least $4.99. The artists deserve to get paid for their work, but wouldn’t they be making more money if the price to read the comics were lowered since more people would be willing and able to purchase coins? Also, if you buy coin packs more expensive than the $4.99 you get points which allow you to get less coins for cheaper. I don’t really see the point in this as it’s not really a reward, for people consistently spending the money on coins, shouldn’t they get at least a few extra for free?
  • This app is annoying

    By jsjshsjzjzjjsj
    The comics are amazing but it’s annoying to have to wait a bunch of hours for a new comic
  • I like it but not enough for a 5 star

    By Jung koo
    Idc if I have to wait for free comics and get coins but it has a LOT of yaoi/bl in the app as genres and that’s what I love the most because most of the comic apps (tapas isn’t included it also has lots and lots of yaoi) like webtoons and etc, so if you’re a fujoshi or fundanshi and you’re also patient this is my recommendation, but the fact that it’s so HARD to sign up or log in with your accounts on google, Facebook (and the other one I can’t remember) like it’ll say that there was an error or I needed to connect to a WiFi network when I’m already signed in one and it’s perfectly connected like it’s not a problem but the fact that it keep declining doesn’t make sense like no wonder it has 2.4+ stars it’s hard to sign up or sign in, if you can do something about that thank you, also another word every time I’m trying to make an account and i get to the verification part it’s so annoying because the notifications don’t even work and I’ve checked every one of the phone apps I have and yet no messages pop up about the verification code and it’s really just so stubborn and like ughh! I’m not furious but I’m just disappointed because I’ve always thought I could trust this app with the verification things but clearly its a fraud

    By angry person mad at Snapchat
  • Love it!!

    By Crazy Dame
    The quality of the manhwa is phenomenal!! I’m perfectly fine with paying for coins to support my favorite artists! If I could only have one wish, it’d be to be able to read the manhwa I purchased offline. If I’m in an area with no wifi or data connection, this app is virtually as useless as my internet browser app. When the servers go down over at Lehzin, there is no access to already purchased content in My Library. Do you know the withdrawal I went through that day??? Lol. If My Library had offline access, this app would be perfection...but this still gets 5 stars because I’m just so in love with the content ❤️
  • If I didn’t like your artists, I would be GONE

    By TheElfGamer
    The comics are quite a big sum, which is understandable. People need to live. Your company needs to make money.p Your free coin system is AWFUL. TERRIBLE! WHY DO YOU EVEN HAVE IT?! IT IS FULL OF SKETCHY TO IMPOSSIBLE TASKS! And it lies sometimes. “Answer three questions!” I attempt that and what a surprise it’s actually 40 questions. “No biggie,” I naively thought to myself. I answer a few and go “Hm, you know what, not that bad. I get a little further and suddenly I need to find the cube root of 512 to find other parts of the equation and I’m solving logic puzzles and I also need the knowledge of every fan base fanatic. So basically I need to be a well versed academic who is also obsessed with every possible fact about everything. I’m sorry for being unintelligent. Maybe make the rewards even lower (like .01 coins per offer) and make the offers and quizzes feasible. At least you would make something. Maybe let the user choose which comics they can WUF. Maybe limit them to two or three comics they can WUF. Maybe have a wider set of genres because apparently you have no mystery comics. All you apparently have are romances (including BL and GL), fantasy, action, and drama. You might not even have action, I didn’t remember after straining myself trying to get one coin that I never got. Have watchable adds for a small reward if you want. Have partnerships with games to have people download games for a small reward. Have something possible. Anything. Anything at all. If you can afford it I would recommend this site. I would have rated three stars if you had more genres.
  • Please

    By Don't Evennnn
    Listen to the complaints. It’s so expensive it’s near impossible to support all the artists we enjoy. I honestly hardly use the app, because most titles aren’t on the app.