Allowance & Chores Bot

Allowance & Chores Bot


  • Category: Finance
  • Release Date: 2013-04-05
  • Current IOS App Version: 3.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 95.72 MB
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
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Allowance & Chores Bot makes it easy to keep track of your family's allowances and chores. With Allowance & Chores Bot, children won't lose or misplace paper money and you won't have to keep track of allowances and chores by hand. If your family has more than one device, Allowance & Chores Bot will automatically keep your whole family’s allowances and chores in sync. Unlike other allowance and chore apps, Allowance & Chores Bot does not require any third-party service or special setup to sync all your family’s devices. Allowance & Chores Bot does this automatically. With Allowance & Chores Bot you can create a daily, weekly, or monthly allowance for each child. Each child can have their own rate of periodic allowance, or you can give them allowance payments based on the completion of chores, or a mixture of both. It's also very easy to assign chores to multiple children and even automatically rotate chores between children. Each chore can be a one time chore, or repeated on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule. Each chore can be configured so completion is required for the child’s periodic allowance, or the chore can be configured as an extra reward in addition to their allowance. With Allowance & Chores Bot, you can approve or unapprove all allowance and chore payments for up to 30 days. Kids see how much they have saved and when and how much they’ve spent. They can watch their allowance savings grow with the Allowance Graph and see how much savings they'll have in the future. Kids can see what chores need to be done and check them off when completed. Kids can receive chore reminders without having to open the app. Allowance & Chores Bot gives you everything you need to manage your children’s allowances and chores and teach them about saving money, spending money, and earning money. Features: * Automatic sync between multiple devices - no setup required, just login with the same email and password. * Set up daily, weekly, or monthly allowances. * Rotate chores between children. * Assign chores to multiple children. * Choose whether allowances accrue automatically or only after parental approval. * Keep track of how much money children have saved. * Deduct money from a child's account when they spend money. * Easily withhold any number of future allowance payments as punishment. * Supports many international currencies. * Supports several pretend currencies like Points, Smiley Faces, Federation Credits & more. * Give rewards for good behavior or good grades. * Allowance Graph lets you see a 30 day history of savings, spending, and chore activity. * Receive reminders when you forget to approve an allowance or chore payment. * Photos can be added to each chore to help kids understand what needs to be done. * Pre-readers can have things like chore names, chore descriptions, allowance amounts and savings amounts read to them by the app. * Approve or unapprove allowance and chore payments for up to 30 days. * Optional parental passcode stops kids from making changes without permission. * Optional child passcode allows children to block siblings from having access their account information. * Works on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.



  • Great Support & Quick to Respond

    By Glitter Bomber
    We use this app daily. Having multiple older kids, this app makes it easy to keep track of chore assignments, completion, allowance and kids borrowing or spending money before payday. It’s easy to break down the chores into steps, assigning each step a value regardless of what you choose to reward your children with for completion. I also like how I can easily add the toilet gets cleaned on Tuesdays and Friday, the kitchen floor get mopped on Saturdays, and the lawn is mowed every other week, so the person in charge of each chore can have more or less tasks to complete each chore daily and isn’t overlooking things that matter. I love that I can put the chores in order of importance so each child has the smartest way to work though their list of tasks. It’s easy to reassign chores and add tasks if a chore it too vague or misunderstood. The app is being updated and gets better with every update. Support is phenomenal. If I have a question or concern the response time is super fast, usually receiving a reply within minutes. And they reply to feedback, so I know I’ve been heard. Overall I’m not sure how we got along without this app. Assigning chores, approving they are done right and giving an allowance is smooth and consistent.
  • Love this app! Worth $2.99!!!

    By Magglilwood
    I hate spending money on apps, but this one is so worth it. My children know exactly what they need to do, and they love to watch their money grow. I love that it keeps track for me. I also love that I can deduct money with a reason typed in. It’s slick!
  • This is the One!!

    By Synergy704
    I did my research before purchasing and have used this app for three days now. This app was well thought out. You’re able to use the app across IOS and Android, add your own pictures to describe the chores, give different chores to different kids, override the chore for that day due to an unexpected event, add a monetary award on top of their allowance and/or deduct from their allowance and keep track of pay out and what the allowance was spent on. Oh and one of my favorite features is the text to speak. When the speaker is pressed it reads the chore and it’s description out loud.
  • Helpful & Super Easy

    By Kmszen
    I love this app! Prior to this app I considered paying for a kids bank account type app but that seems so overkill. We’ve kept charts on the fridge and tried piggy banks with real money. All of it was confusing and we would forget daily. This app saves so much time and keeps us organized. I’ve even added behavioral goals for them like “having a good attitude” or “helping little brother”. Our boys have even used there allowances to buy us parents gifts! So it’s teaching them a lot about responsibility, money management and gives them a sense of control that they get to choose whether they do the chore or lose the chance for money. Much less conflict in our wild and crazy house!!! I’ve begun referring it to all my client’s parents as I am a behavioral and play therapist for children. Plus the price is negligible, awesome all around.
  • Great app!

    By stevedadrummer
    This app is excellent. There are just a few changes I would make. Whenever I’m in portrait mode in the parent only part of the app and accidentally turn my phone in landscape, it gets me out of the parent only part. Not a huge deal, but it’s super annoying. I really wish there was a way to put the chores in the order I’d like them to occur. It would also be great if there were a calendar that I can assign the chores on there. When I choose to rotate chores between kids it almost always gives one of my kids all of those chores to start. It’s just too clunky as currently designed to fix that.
  • LOVE this app!

    By JenWendCincy
    We use this fantastic app as a family. I have some jobs that are required for allowance and then list other jobs where they can earn extra. No one fights over perceived “injustice” because they choose what they want to do for extra money. I also feel like I’m not constantly nagging. I just list a job and if they want to do it, they check it off. It’s a great app for family peace and teaching working for money.
  • Just what a family needs!

    By tyboltd
    This is a great app! My kids are able to have it on their devices, and I am able to manage it from mine. It’s ended all the arguing we have over chores.
  • Love

    By alexarice
    This is an amazing app for young kids. It is teaching my son to save, the value of money, to work hard and to be independent. I highly recommended.
  • Disappointed

    By _\|~<>€£¥•
    This looks awesome. It has all the features I was looking for. I bought it on my iPhone. Spent an hour setting it up, only to find out that it’s not compatible with Kindles. My children all have kindle fire tablets so now Ive paid 2.99 and wasted my time for nothing. Really wish it was kindle compatible!
  • Easy to set up

    By Honky Tonk PDX
    Easy for me to set up for each teen. Can assign individual chores, review weekly summary and customize based on family need (pay per chore, weekly allowance, deduct). Easier than calendar we were using as each kid has a phone and app to track.