Monash University FODMAP diet

Monash University FODMAP diet

By Monash University

  • Category: Medical
  • Release Date: 2012-12-17
  • Current IOS App Version: 3.0.3
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 201.03 MB
  • IOS App Developer: Monash University
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
Score: 3.5
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Researchers at Monash University have developed the low FODMAP diet and a corresponding app to assist in the management of gastrointestinal symptoms associated with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). The Monash University FODMAP diet works by swapping foods high in fermentable carbohydrates (FODMAPs), with low FODMAP alternatives. Around 75% of people with IBS experience symptom relief on a low FODMAP diet. The app comes directly from the research team at Monash and includes the following: - General information about the FODMAP diet and IBS. - Easy to understand tutorials to guide you through the app and the 3-Step FODMAP diet. - A Food Guide detailing the FODMAP content for hundreds of foods using a simple 'traffic light system'. - A list of branded products that have been certified by Monash as low FODMAP. - A collection of over 70 nutritious, low FODMAP recipes. - Functions that allow you to create your own shopping list and add notes to individual foods - A Diary that enables you to record food eaten, IBS symptoms, bowel habits and stress levels. The Diary will also guide you through step 2 of the diet - FODMAP reintroduction. - The ability to adjust units of measurement (metric or imperial) and activate colour blindness assistance.



  • Worth every penny!

    By Debvet
    When my doctor told me to go on a low FODMAP diet for gastrointestinal issues I kept finding conflicting information on the internet but eventually found a recommendation to get this app. I balked at the cost at first but I’m so glad I got it! The diet itself has helped my issues enormously and this app helps make clear what is safe to eat during elimination, and how much. It also has a guide to reintroduction and a diary section to keep track of meals and symptoms. I reckon it saves me money since I’m less likely to buy food that will make me sick. I refer to the searchable database constantly! I hope you don’t need this diet but if you do, this app is a valuable tool.
  • Simple things overlooked

    By brittbrittxo
    I will start by saying that this app has helped me tremendously on this hellish diet, but there’s very simple things in the app that were overlooked that could be fixed in a second. Like I’ve noticed multiple recipes don’t have some measurements of ingredients listed which is mind boggling that you forgot simple numbers on things. I’m also highly frustrated not knowing what bread I can and cannot eat since there are a few contradictions in the food search regarding that. And I know you can’t add every food known to man, but knowing I can look up anything would be nice (even if it’s obvious I shouldn’t eat it...ex. marshmellos). Also in the recipes, it would be nice to know how many you can actually eat of the what is the serving size for each recipe because I had like 3 rice paper wraps and my stomach was in turmoil that night. This diet is already hard and frustrating enough so when I pay $8 to make it easier, I need it to be worth it. I’ll end with saying that overall this app is quite nice and helpful and reduces my anxiety knowing it’s certified but small things that can help and be fixed should be, specially if you’re going to charge me for an app that helps with an only ever temporary diet.
  • Only useful if in Australia

    By cant find a nicknamr
    This is only really useful if you’re in Australia. Don’t waste your dollars otherwise

    By alexisjustine221
    If I could give it a zero I would. It promises all these recipes but it’s literally just a list of foods. And half the time you can’t even search for what you’re looking for. It’s whatever info they put into it. It’s lacking in all areas as an app. There’s nothing interactive about it. When you log your meals you literally write everything out. It would be easier if you could create recipes and save them and log them. But in the end, it was a complete waste of money. I found out all of this info that’s offered for free by doing my own research. They gouged because it’s some “university” but its a WASTE OF MONEY. And they won’t even give me my money back.
  • Learning..

    By skybabe66
    New to this so I’m learning, but it seems so hard to find name brands if the foods I’m looking for. PLEASE develop something so we can just scan what we’re looking at!!!
  • Refund refused

    By Ckmw345
    This app makes no sense. I tried to get a refund but was refused without reason. Since the refusal was within seconds of my sending the request I’m know my complaints were never read.
  • Helpful

    By bubbeb
    Thank you so much for developing the sale. I have SIBO and have had it for years. This app really helps me to know what foods I can and Cannot eat. It helps me know what quantities are safe. It is my go to 10 times a day to check to make sure what I’m eating is appropriate. I think you so so much for developing this app
  • Measurements incomplete - and developer not fixing despite being notified.

    I waited a while before posting this review as I hoped the issues would be resolved. I’ve contacted Monash a couple of times since purchasing this app and they have acknowledged that some of the recipes don’t show correct amounts - for example the Cinnamon Porridge lists cup rolled oats as a quantity. Is it 1/4 1/3 1 cup??? Don’t have time to convert from ounces for all the incomplete amounts - and amounts are critical when following a low FODMAP diet. Not good when this is an expensive app to purchase.
  • The best thing ever.

    By annwillsee
    This app has changed my life. When I started a low FODMAP diet it was hard and confusing. I wasn’t able to download the app due to an older iOS version. Once I was it changed everything. I feel so much more prepared and knowledgeable about how to handle this diet. Thank you.
  • Quality research based app from university

    By 54321wxyz
    This app is developed by the Monash university research team, and it’s based on their research as well as years of prior research in nutrition. They have tested all the foods in the app, which makes it reliable w the latest research available, which was important to me. Attempting to Google all of this information on various blogs on the Internet does not work… Only results and confusion because many bloggers are getting their information secondhand or third hand or from each other. Plus the information evolves based on research. 8 bucks for the app funds this research . I created a shopping list with all low fodmap foods. Tracks meals and symptoms too