Google+ for G Suite

Google+ for G Suite

By Google LLC

  • Category: Social Networking
  • Release Date: 2011-07-19
  • Current IOS App Version: 6.55.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 162.77 MB
  • IOS App Developer: Google LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 88,258 IOS App Ratings


Google+ is now only available for G Suite customers, and it is no longer available for consumer (personal) and brand accounts. Learn more: G Suite customers may see some changes to Google+ features related to the consumer Google+ shutdown. You can talk to your G Suite administrator to learn more (, or you can find more details here:



  • Why

    By NetherBolt 2020
    I wish you guys had never shut this app down :(
  • Memories

    By London pumpkin king
    I will always remember this app
  • Being it back

    By Alex Animations
    Please bring back G+ for all users
  • Fire the CEO of Google

    By MLP-Jolt
    Please. Please
  • Please

    By felicitadinkins
    Pls bring it back
  • why?

    By Jskakajsj
    Google never gave a reason for shutting this app down, even though most people enjoyed and loved it.
  • How could you!

    By Science experiment
    You guys are as dumb as a tire. Why the heck did you shut down this site even with all it’s loyal users. So it’s not as big as any other social media site that doesn’t mean it should just be thrown away. this is where me and my friends bonded and socialized when we weren’t together and is where I posted all my memes. Now, Every time I get a good idea for a meme I think “oh yeah, I can’t post it on Google plus because Apparently the people running google are too retarded to see how great of a place Google Plus is. Oh, it gets even better. I can still talk with my friends and post memes on Google Hangouts right? Yeah, until later this year when Google is gonna shut down that as well! They haven’t even attempted to provide any good reason for the shutdown of google hangouts but I guess they must realize that their dumb reasons to shut down Google plus won’t work twice. I’m very disappointed but what’s done is done. Google has made a terrible decision instead of just letting google plus be. I’m sure it took more work just to delete it then to make it so they wasted their time, money, programming, and a beautiful site that Google even said on the same day “thanks for making Google plus such a special place”. Stop lying to us! If you really meant that then you wouldn’t have ever shut it down to begin with. *edit* so apparently Google Plus isn’t gone its still a thing. Am I happy now that I know my beloved social media site isn’t gone? Heck no. Here’s the problem: Google lied to us. You know all those reasons they had to close it? They were just an excuse to morph google plus into something you’d have to pay for and take advantage of all of Google plus’ loyal users. Not only that, but anyone that falls for Google’s dirty trick will have to do so much just to set up a stupid account for it. I’m currently doing the 14 day free trial and it’s not even letting me on. Whenever I log in, it says there was an error and that was it. Didn’t even give me an option to request for help or send an email. I guess I should have seen this coming because it’s happening to every single company but congrats Google! You have officially fallen into the corporate greed pit. This is honestly even more of an insult to injury than to just get rid of google plus permanently. I don’t have a credit or debit card and even if I did, I’m already saving up for a car and a Nintendo switch and don’t have the money to pay for google plus every month. It would be useless anyway because none of my friends would do that either. Now, google plus is just sitting there taunting me knowing that I cannot use it anymore. So good job Google! Not only have you destroyed the social lives of 1000s of people, you are now letting the amount of money you have in your wallets control you.
  • ???

    By The onion lord
    Wth why would you shut it down???
  • Google going downhill.

    By zeldakix17
    Now my business page is gone, you guys at Google are the biggest idiots. This is a bad move to shutdown. F*** Google!
  • Not mad, just disappointed.

    By Once a G+ member
    This used to be my main social media platform for years and I’m sad that it had to go. Instead of fixing problems they just got rid of one of the main reasons why many of us enjoyed this site. I love G+ but I can’t support the change they’ve made.