Chronic Pain Tracker

Chronic Pain Tracker

By Chronic Stimulation, LLC

  • Category: Medical
  • Release Date: 2009-09-18
  • Current IOS App Version: 3.8.10
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 71.60 MB
  • IOS App Developer: Chronic Stimulation, LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 179 IOS App Ratings


Take the guess work out of pain management with Chronic Pain Tracker. Record your pain history with 19 unique health categories. Review a Summary Report with your doctor in the app, or export a PDF for printing/emailing. For less than a typical insurance co-pay, you can improve the management of your pain. CPT Pro is our complete package offering all of our features and no capacity limits on diary entries. If you want the most complete pain tracking application available, here it is. Features: # iPhone & iPad interfaces available within a single Universal app! # Within each Diary Entry, you can include one or more of the following 19 Tracker modules:  + Pain Triggers  + Pain Onset Speed  + Pain Intensity Level  + Pain Description  + Pain Location Mapping  + Effective Treatments  + Pain Duration  + Medication Tracking  + General Comments  + Other Symptoms  + Health Milestones  + Bowel Movements  + Weather Tracking  + Body Weight, Height & BMI  + Blood Pressure & Pulse Rate  + Activity Level  + Mental State  + Sleep History  + Fatigue (Mental & Physical) Levels # Multiple features to help make the creating of Diary Entries efficient and accurate  + "Tracker Collection" - templates allow you to predefine the Trackers you want to group into an entry  + "Copy Last Entry" - for each Tracker allows you to bring forward the contents of your last entry  + “Customizable Lists” - need to add a new pain description or medication? No problem, you can do that without exiting the entry  + "Multiple Diary Support" - manage more than one diary within the app # Pain Location Mapping Tracker enables precise documentation of your pain  + We now offer 4 virtual body options to choose from: Generic, Male, Female, Migraine (head & upper torso)  + Use up to 4 different colors to indicate location and levels of pain intensity  + Zoom & Panning allow you to focus on exact pain locations  + Skin, Muscular, Skeletal, & Dermatome overlays  + Automated compositing of the pain maps within Summary Reports provides a detailed view of your pain location history # Multiple Reporting Options Available  + Diary Entry - PDF of a single Diary Entry’s data  + Diary History - A range of Diary Entries to a PDF  + Summary Report - Aggregate & analyze your pain history with more than 60 unique graphs + Calendar Report - Pain levels and key milestones in calendar format + Comparison Report - Graphically compare metrics of two different time periods # Share your reports with your Doctor or Care Provider:  + Print directly from the app to printers supporting the Apple AirPrint standard,  + Send PDF report via e-mail from within the app  + Synchronize Exported PDF reports via Dropbox # Tracker Customization Options  + All Tracker lists (eg. pain descriptions, medications, etc) can be customized as needed.  + Numerous settings available to tailor each Tracker to your unique needs. If you are suffering with chronic pain, you know it can be difficult to communicate pain history to your doctor. Empower yourself at your next doctor’s visit with the app that allows you to: 1) Track your pain history, 2) Aggregate that data so that it is concise and meaningful, 3) Communicate it effectively to your doctor Chronic Pain Tracker is the solution that addresses all 3 of those requirements. This application was designed and developed by a chronic pain sufferer. It’s being used by thousands of people every day to improve the management of their chronic pain. What are you waiting for? Give it a try today! Find out more at our website:



  • Huge omission

    By Rhamama
    How does this app not have a menstrual cycle data field under “General Health Tracking”? Even just an icon with the cycle day would be helpful, since an enormous amount of chronic pain and autoimmune issues are tied to the menstrual cycle for approximately half of the population.
  • Great - only missing food diary

    By desnbut
    I’ve been using the app for a little over a month. It’s super easy to use, pretty thorough and customizable. I wish it had a food log, but I guess I could be doing that on the general comments section, just want it to be differentiated from general. The reports are great and I’m excited to see if there are patterns to my pain - my doctor and acupuncturist wanted me to start something like this so we can find out if there’s a way to reduce my issues.
  • Outdated broken and should be removed

    By its ok, so-so
    Really outdated and broken app do not purchase
  • Awesome tracking and analysis

    By TheDefender
    I've been using this app for almost 6 years, and it's awesome. It can track all sorts of stuff, and is very easy to customize to your situation. Pretty much every need I take gets recorded, so I have complete history of what I took for any given day. The reports have shown me trends that I missed, and have helped me identify pain triggers and solutions. Support is quick, with emails replied to within a day. The one thing I truly miss is the multi device sync functionality that was removed a couple of years ago when Dropbox changed their api. I'd pay extra for this to be restored! Heck, the app is so useful that I'd pay for a new version since it has been many years since I first purchased it and it doesn't feel fair to expect support forever without contributing towards the costs. I highly recommend this app if you have any chronic issues. Even non-pain related things are easy to track.
  • Best of the best of the best

    By airzero
    I've been using this for years they keep making it better and better. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. And thank you for the updates.
  • So far so good

    By CCbcc000986
    I just bought this so I haven’t discovered everything. I like that it tracks the weather with your pain. Rain always makes it worse. I haven’t looked to see if the moon phases are tracked. That usually affects sleep. I can add entries as the day goes into the diary. This is helpful as my pain doesn’t often last at the same intensity all day.
  • Good app but lacks certain things.

    By 978889
    I really do love this app and it’s very easy to use. However the fact that I can’t connect my phone and iPad together is very annoying to me. I give it five stars if they fix this feature.
  • Perfect app, needs better reporting

    By Random nickname 11
    I love everything about this app, except for the canned, limited reports. I can customize my meds, pain, symptoms, and set up some custom templates. Let’s face it, we track weight only once a day and hopefully don’t have to think about it again. I also like the milestone markers for noting when certain changes happen like meds, doctors, and lifestyle. I make about 5 entries per day. After 5 months I have a really good idea of how everything works together in my body. Last week I made a fantastic discovery that taking two particular meds together increased my pain. By separating these by a few hours, life has become much more manageable. Now the reports. There are a paltry amount of reports which can give an overview but I’d like to see much more details. How about all medications by day or month. How many units of pain meds did I need in a period of time? How about line charts to show progression? I do like the histograms. And the comparison report is the most useful, when it works. If I do only 14 days, it usually runs. But can’t do a month or more. Reports should provide some user feedback when it times out. I could sit here for 30 minutes and it just keeps spinning but nothing happens. I do recommend the app though. Start tracking now and perhaps reporting will be improved soon.
  • In Love (mostly)

    By DanteInTheCave
    Ihave spent a long, long time looking for an app that would let me track everything I need to track with my health. This one does it and it’s fairly intuitive to use, a problem with a lot of trackers. I only have one request that would convince me to give it 5 stars. That would be a place somewhere in the sleep tracking to track if I used my CPAP, how long, and how many apnea events per hour (AHI) I had on a given night. These details have a significant impact on my pain levels and are questions I’m almost always asked but my docs.

    By jazl-laptopersonal7132016
    A altamente recomendable para personas y quieren llevar un registro de los dolores o inquietudes del cuerpo de la persona para buscar remedios a los mismos es un poco caro pero vale la pena