Transformers TCG Companion App

Transformers TCG Companion App

By Hasbro, Inc.

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2019-02-13
  • Current IOS App Version: 1.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 1.25 GB
  • IOS App Developer: Hasbro, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
Score: 3
From 56 IOS App Ratings


Enhance your Transformers TCG tabletop gameplay (game and rules in English only) with this official companion app. Build teams and decks with physical Transformers TCG cards (sold separately), then use this app to track your card collection and characters and damage during tabletop gameplay. This app is not a game. In-app card representation and sizes differ from physical Transformers TCG cards.



  • Nice

    By Megastump
    All in all good app to keep total of life. The decklist building is okay.
  • Crashes when loading

    By TCGJerry
    I would like to check out the app, but it starts to load and then just closes. I am on an IPad connected to a home network
  • Transformers tcg

    By fuckthisgame😡
    This app is great and useful Because it has the rules and mark the characters you have and it keeps track of life points, saves the deck team you are going to use for future battles. P.s. is their a dread wing enigma card because I collected rotc boosters pack and feels like there is one somewhere out there Plus I’m I lucky or what for getting the cards I was looking for
  • Not the slickest app but does what it needs to

    By INVLD
    First of all, whatever bug caused it to crash on iPhone 6 has been fixed, so that's great! The app itself isn't particularly impressive in terms of look and feel, but even if it's not flashy it still does most everything you'd want it to. Being able to look at all the available cards and assemble decks is great and I love being able to keep track of health without actually having to deal with the little paper damage counters. Improvement wise I think they could still stand to have some more specific organizational categories for Battle Cards. They have most of the ones you'd want, but being able to drill down to something like just cards that give bonus to specific character types (Cars, Specialists, Ranged, Leaders, Etc.) would be great. A way to jump around the list by letter or a non-image view would be nice too.
  • Great app, some small tweaks can make it better

    By JustDerk
    Thank you for creating this app! I appreciate the effort your team put into creating it, and I look forward to further updates. As of the initial release, these are my thoughts on the app. Pros: You can add character cards that you own into your virtual “binder”. You can then use these to create your team of character cards that you would use with your battle card deck. This is great, helps keep track of team combinations and star costs. You can save/load your team combinations as well. App also doubles as an assistant to the card game to help keep track of damage done to your and your opponent’s character cards during a match. This is a nice addition if you don’t want to manage dice or counters for damage. Cons: There doesn’t seem to be a way to sort the way the character cards are listed. They are listed in no particular order by rarity, from C->R->SR->UC->Metroplex. Please allow us to arrange the character cards in various ways such as set order, owned/unowned, Autobot/Decepticon, or a user-customized order. At the moment there is not an option to add battle cards to your collection. Hopefully in the future this will be a feature, as building & saving deck lists would be a great feature to have for this app! Edit 5/15/19: The new version has added plenty of search/sort filters, making the app very robust. Updated to 5-stars
  • Pretty bad

    By Deadza
    The interface is oddly complex and involves a lot of tap here, click there, rather than being simple "swipe and add to deck". plus the pre defined search alternatives not being able to define in collection or not is very silly. at least its free
  • Good App For Awesome TCG

    By Plebeianprint
    It’s a quality app and support for an awesome Transformers trading card game. Players experienced or new will find this helpful. Even if you just want to learn the game and have no cards, there are rules and play videos. Thanks.
  • Crashes

    By croisis
    The app crashes on my iPhone 5s after the hasbro logo. It goes to the spinning autobot/decepticon symbol for a few seconds then closes the app
  • Crash

    By mkilgorr
    No version of this has worked in my device. All crash while loading on an updated iPhone 6.
  • Crash

    By reptar33
    The app crashes after the Hasbro logo appears. I’m using an iPad Air with updated software.