World War Rising

World War Rising

By Mobile War LLC

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-10-25
  • Current IOS App Version:
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 148.66 MB
  • IOS App Developer: Mobile War LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
Score: 4
From 5,626 IOS App Ratings


What will history decide about you? Prove your worth and lead epic armies of the most lethal troops, vehicles, and aircraft from WWI to the modern era! Command iconic troops as you develop your army toward glory! Join an alliance to collectively crush your enemies or stay independent and farm resources to build an epic stronghold. Play your own style in this expansive world of historical war! - A truly global game with millions playing around the world - Make alliances with those you trust and rivalries with those you don't! - Build a base that evolves through a century of combat technology - Battle world map enemies and collect components to build colossal weapons - Equip your commander with armor and weapons and unleash them on your enemies as they lead your troops - Use vehicles from the last century of war, from WWI tanks to Apache helicopters! - Command 4 military tiers consisting of 16 troop types How will you play? Forge an unbeatable alliance with others who share your strategy or risk it all as a military lone wolf! It's your base, your rules in this fun MMORPG builder and strategy game! Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: Game Page:



  • Still here

    By gamjaioneb
    Started for the free Amazon Gift Card and got addicted

    By xFirefly... player one
    This game has glitches and is not strategy based. The only good part is the social part of meeting people from around the world, but they're all leaving... the game is dying. It's extremely pay to play: plan on at least 100 dollars a week to be competitive, but there's no logic or math.... hence not strategy based. Do not waste your time on this or the next MZ money pit. The events are boring repetitive tapp tapp, no rewards unless you spend a LOT!
  • Money grab!!! Avoid.

    By PLB in IL
    PAY TO PLAY!!! Costs hundreds of dollars!!! DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME. You have to constantly pay for packs that start out at $5.00 then they go to $20.00 then $100.00. Can’t buy cheaper packs because they won’t put any in your gold store. Avoid Avoid Avoid. You can never get to the top because they keep adding things every week that you have to buy!!!!! NEVER PLAY THIS GAME!!!!!! Sold us a pack, then took the items back from us saying they made a mistake and won’t refund our money! Class action Lawsuits are being discussed at the moment!
  • Potential .

    By Bellabula
    You might have fun
  • Gift card fraud

    By DudeMaster12
    I played this game because I was told I would receive a $25 amazon gift card for reaching level 12. I even received in game messages saying I was on track, and once I hit level 12, to wait 48 hours and the email address I used to sign up for the promotion would receive the gift card. This turned out to be a lie. When I contacted support about it, the informed me I was not a new user and didn’t qualify. This was surprising because I had never played this before. It turns out there were some hidden instructions that I had never been sent, and did not appear in any terms and conditions that were on ads or that I had received. In one of my emails to support, I used the following analogy: I have outlined to you why your stance is wrong. You cannot ignore the lack of data provided to the participant as a factor. Imagine the following situation: If you complete this race you will earn a gift card. Here are the steps. 1. Enter your name to begin. 2. You must go all of the way around the track. 3. You must complete the race within 14 minutes. If you do this, we will send you an email with your gift card. You even get a message half way through the race telling you once again that you just need to keep going, and to finish the race, then check your email. Now let’s say you do this, and you don’t receive your gift card. You would be concerned right? So you go talk to the race promoters and they tell you that you don’t qualify because you didn’t wear a red shirt. Did those instructions above tell you that you had to wear a red shirt? Of course not. No mention was ever made of a red shirt. The agent was repeatedly proved wrong using examples of your own documentation including screenshots and terms copied and pasted but refused to acknowledge this. I sent proof of everything I had received as far as the gift card promotion was concerned, and the stipulation that the agent gave NEVER appeared. He repeatedly told me I did not qualify for the card and simply refused to acknowledge that the documentation was lacking, so I am being punished for it. Either this is false advertising, an employee who simply does not care, and simply refuses to admit there was something wrong. Having worked in customer service most of my life, this was some of the worst I have ever received, so I decided to make some of the interactions public to make sure people are aware of the way this promotion is being handled, or how the customer service people treat users.
  • Scam scam scam Thief’s

    By 1763526
    Promise you a amazon gift card when you sign up then act like you never registered for it even tho they were provided screenshots of proof that is indisputable. And then they steal money from your bank account with game purchases I’m in the process of holding them accountable right now with apple and amazon update it’s funny you say reach out to you I did your representative could care less
  • Pay to play

    By itzjusmii
    The only way to play is to continue playing. You can level up with paying nothing until a certain level. Then the only way to move forward is to pay. I whether just buy the game and not packs. The packs will add up. In one day you’ll can easily waste 20. I can afford it, just feel like I shouldn’t have to. There isn’t enough output for the input. Although enjoyed, I have to delete.
  • Just Don’t

    By thanks
    I couldn’t post without providing atleast one (1) star 😒. Game play isn’t that bad but definitely don’t buy ANY OF THE ADVERTISED SALE packs within it 👐🏽. ✌🏽Support✌🏽 will lie and claim you received everything you should’ve even though you didn’t. Play the game at your own risk but if you have any issues with what you get, you better just find contentment with it 🚶🏽‍♂️.
  • Awesome

    By Love mushrooms
    Always something to do. Keeps you on your feet.
  • Don’t download it will cost you much $$$

    By Ecvmaxim
    My wife downloaded this piece of crap because she was trying to get something free through swagbucks. As I have told her many times. NOTHING IN THIS WORLD IS FREE. Of course, she wasn’t paying attention because she doesn’t like games anyway and accidentally touches a pop up for purchasing in game something or other. She didn’t realize why the game then asked for her fingerprint but she did that too. Next thing I know I’m out $20 for a game she doesn’t want and doesn’t play because of cleverly placed pop ups. Be careful out there, people. These games are designed around taking your money any way they can