Sibley Birds 2nd Edition

Sibley Birds 2nd Edition


  • Category: Reference
  • Release Date: 2018-11-15
  • Current IOS App Version: 1.0.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 666.22 MB
  • IOS App Developer:
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.3 or later.
Score: 3.5
From 40 IOS App Ratings


The new Sibley Birds app has arrived with comprehensive, up to date information of over 930 North American species. All the detailed artwork from David Sibley’s Guide to Birds Second Edition is included as well as thorough descriptions and distribution maps. Features include: • A new easy to navigate menu system on iPhone. • A new grid view with larger thumbnails. • Display species names in English, French, Spanish and Latin (Scientific). • Search on banding code to quickly find a species. • Over 2700 calls/songs covering most species. • Compare 2 species side by side. • Apply a location (US State or Canadian Province) to narrow down the list of birds. • When a location has been selected, a status icon will appear next to each species in that location indicating whether it is Common, Uncommon, Scarce, Rare or Vagrant. • Detailed information in the species description including location status by month. • A similar species feature which shows all related birds. • A vastly improved Smart Search with refined search criteria: Status and by month (when a location is selected), Bird habits, Bird Type, Bird Size, Body Shape, Color and Pattern. • Keep a personal list (My List) of species seen and backup to iCloud/other cloud service. • Sort My List taxonomically.



  • Best birding app

    By mistermicrophone
    This app has always been my go-to for bird identification, and the new version is a huge improvement.
  • Bummer

    By CNM7
    Apparently, I’m too late to get the discount on this new app even though I purchased the other. Haven’t used it yet, but I really feel like its a slap in the face to have to buy the new app at full price. I’ll update once I’ve spent time using the new version. So disappointed.
  • Excellent - getting better

    By CPCino
    Love Sibley v. 2 for accurate ID info, abundance of field mark details incl. mass and the split screen compare feature.
  • Worth the Upgrade

    By BrokenHeart211
    I wasn’t happy having to pay for the upgrade but now that I have it I am happy to invest in the up keep of this well written program. A better designed interface makes it easier to find the bird you just saw. My only complaint is on the Smart Search. It’s much better but it’s still not so smart. More detailed filters would be a big improvement. Example: Your only options are visiting a feeder, swimming and flying. How about wading birds or birds sitting in a field.
  • I like the changes

    By angbranch
    Can I ask for a note taking area that displays on the written description page for each specie. I like to write field marks I notice, or ID hints in my book. My book was recently stolen along with 10 years of my notes so I would like to have this in my app vs in a book that can be lost. The “my list” function is useless to me with ebird and, honestly in the wrong area as it does not show on the page of the bird itself.
  • Could be great

    By Dingle berry pie
    I want to love it. Illustrations and descriptions are unparalleled of course. UI is still clunky though. Frequency classification by state/province is beyond antiquated. Minor: perf tweaks needed for full list scrolling/filtering interactions.
  • Best NA Field Guide gets an upgrade

    By chiral guy
    The 2nd Edition Sibley is the gold standard for North American field guides. This app is amazing, featuring Sibley’s gorgeous artwork, new range maps, bird calls and songs, and a detailed written description. The first version of this app had a few issues, but the new update has fixed them up. This app isn’t cheap, but it’s totally worth it for the serious bird lover.
  • Wrong.

    By Joe_58
    It is wrong to charge existing customers $10 for this “upgrade” when we have been users of this app for a long time now. Not to mention purchasing the hard copies as well. Do not delete your earlier app! This new version has too many issues that need to be addressed which I’m sure they will get to but it isn’t ready for prime time yet. Colors are off again as well as the range maps. And no eBird integration? Really? And no way to port my data and notes over from the earlier app? *Updating my review to thank the developer for the quick update to correct some of the issues that were brought up. And I’m assuming we will be seeing more incremental updates as we go along. Just a suggestion, how about making some Sibley stickers for iMessage? Sibley’s artwork is terrific and it’d be fun to be able to use some of them in your messages.
  • Update fixed issues.

    By Goshawk62
    Looks like the update fixed the color issue and range map issues. Great and comprehensive guide to North American birds. More species added, more plumages depicted than other guides. Compare feature can really help both beginners and others work out a correct ID
  • New interface and extra species are an improvement

    By Kb7689212
    The v1 interface seemed antiquated compared to more modern applications so v2 has some much needed improvements. The seasonal frequency for your state is a nice touch if it is accurate. The extra species and up to date sequence are great but it would be nice if the choice to see/hide rarities was sticky and didn’t get forgotten each you go into the main menu. I can hide them with smart search and I’m trying to decide if that will allow me to hide them more permanently. The concerns raised about the illustration colors are a huge issue. After all of the complaints about the first printing of the second edition I’m stunned to see the app appears to have replicated it. I’m guessing things were too far in development and a hopefully free fix will come eventually? The map problems also seem fixable. I’m guessing there will be lots of bad reviews in the meantime. This is a great app that allows you to have a guide always at hand and I’m hoping the developers fix some of the issues soon so I can give it the 5 stars it should earn.